2014/15 Cypress Opening Day Ski Report

Opening day for the 2014/15 ski season at Cypress went down today, Saturday November, 15th, and by all measures, it was a pretty dang fun day!

I decided to forego the  battle for first chair and showed up around 1:30, hoping that the madness would have died down by then. Well, my strategy wasn’t quite perfect, because I heard from a couple other riders that things were pretty calm for the first hour and a half or so, and by contrast it was still kind of a zoo when I got there at 1:30, but thing definitely died down around 2:00.

Upper Fork and Jasey Jay were the two runs open on Eagle, and then Runway under Easy Rider Chair.

Snow conditions were icy patches, with some surprisingly grippy and chunky stuff along the skier’s right side of Jasey Jay.

Overall, was a fun time and definitely worth the effort if you’ve got a pass!

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