Cypress Ski Report for Wednesday November 19th, 2014

Almost a carbon copy of yesterday but with calmer winds, smaller crowds and a bit less snow. Groomers once again did a fine job of tilling up the little amounts of snow they currently have but yeah, we’re getting pretty close to the bottom of the barrel here, NEED MORE SNOW NOW!

That said, big change in weather over the next week. Original forecasts were calling for mostly rain, but as we get closer those forecasts have pointed more towards snow, with a bit of rain here and there. Overall, looks like a good base-building kind of forecast!

And on a side note, if you’re doing the Twitter thing and want to keep up to date with Vancouver weather forecasting, I’d strongly suggest you follow @50shadesofvan, or if not on the Twitter at least bookmark his site at I especially like his brand of forecasting, because he doesn’t try to sound like a psychic and state the future weather in a few words… He instead presents the information available to him, explains why he things it’ll happen, and what are the chances of it happening.

OK, so that all said, I’m going to be off the mountain for the next couple of days as I’m guessing it’s either going to be very wet, or they’ll just close the mountain while they wait for the base to build.

See ya on the flip side, hopefully Sunday onwards!

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