Cypress Ski Report for Tuesday November 18

Was another nice session this morning, but the mountain is definitely showing a need for snow. Temps have been a tad too warm for the past couple of nights so they haven’t been making anything new, however they have done a great job of re-grooming the snow that they’ve got to work with.

Crowds were tapered off from yesterday, which kept the snow nicer for a while longer.

Rocks are starting to peek out early around the skier’s right side of Jasey Jay. The warm weather doing us no favours but no complaints overall, was still worth the effort to get up there, even for just a dozen runs or so.

And sorry for the monotonous pics here… These are indeed new pics from today but they’re pretty much the same angles as my previous posts… Needless to say there’s not a lot of content to shoot up there just yet 🙂

The forecast over the next few days was looking a bit ominous, but they seem to be calling for slightly cooler temperatures with the coming precipitation, so with some finger crossing, hopefully we’ll see some natural snow instead of a washout!

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