Gettin the band back together… Canskier 2.0

We originally kicked things off here ten years ago as an online community for Canadian skiers.

Somewhere along the line, right around 2010, we kinda lost motivation. Client projects took over the work schedule, social media sites kinda took over the site’s momentum, and as a result the site gradually fell to the wayside in disrepair, turning into an electronic ghost town of sorts.

Well, it’s now just around the ten year anniversary of so we figured it’d be a great time to bring this site back to life with more frequent, interesting content, in-depth product reviews, way better exclusive photography & video, and hopefully a much more interactive community/forum.

To add, I think times are a bit different this time around. Whereas everyone used to flock to Facebook and Twitter to get their news and content, these days there has been a renaissance of sorts, with a renewed interest in more niche oriented sites. Social media is still a great way to receive news and headlines, but I really do think a niche community is far more engaging and interesting than a Facebook page.

That said, please bear with us… For now the site layout is going to be a bit bland while we experiment and fiddle with some new branding and design concepts.

So let’s see how things go this time, and if you’re interested in either contributing or partnering with us, by all means please get in touch, would be great to hear from ya!