Cypress Mountain 2010 Impact Report

cypress_alpine parking map.previewCurious to see how Cypress Mountain’s going to be impacted by the 2010 Olympic Games?

In a nutshell:

  • Limited parking all season long, with Lodge Lot and Lot 1 closed all year
  • Eagle Chair will be completely closed or highly impacted all season long
  • Rainbow run off Lions’ Express will be closed or highly impacted all season long
  • Ski area completely closed to skiing from February 1 through March 8

Not really complaining as it’s hard to go wrong with a $269 season’s pass, but the big question remains is where does that leave Raven Ridge? If we can’t access via Panorama from the top of Eagle Express and Lot 1 is also closed, does that mean Raven Ridge will also be closed or will we still be able to walk around Lot 1?

Plus, not sure why Rainbow on the Lions’ Express side of the mountain will be highly impacted or closed all year long. Perhaps they’re using that run for snow farming in the event they don’t have enough snow? Can’t really see any other reason why they’d have that closed but maybe we’ll get some answers soon. I’ve emailed Guest Services for clarification on these points and will post back with my findings.

Hopefully they have a plan in place to maintain access to some of the best new terrain on the mountain!

Click here for the complete report.