Lame, Canada Protects Home Advantage at Olympics

As reported by the New York Times…

Count the American speedskater Catherine Raney among the athletes, coaches and officials of several sports surprised by Canada’s approach to hosting the Winter Games in February.

Raney, who spent more than seven years living in Canada and training with the Canadian national team, was told after the 2006 Olympics that the Canadians did not want foreign athletes training with them leading to the 2010 Games in Vancouver.

She and many other foreign athletes had expected to spend quite a bit of time practicing at the Olympic sites, but have been granted only minimal access.

“They’re playing nasty,” said Raney, now living and training in Utah. “I think every one of us would love to prove to them that what they did wasn’t right, and we’re ready to show it on the ice.”

Canadian officials said they were following rules of access to competition sites, as set by each sport’s governing body. But they also intend to protect the Olympic host’s home-field — or home-ice, home-snow or home-track — advantage.

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