Labour Dispute at Mont Tremblant Resort Gets Ugly

Bad news for Tremblant… CSN Union, the union responsible for employees at Tremblant, Quebec, has launched an unlimited general strike on the eve of the Christmas-New Year break, 2005.

The economic impact of this decision will be catastrophic for the entire
community of the Tremblay region, which will suffer from this action, coming
as it does at one of the busiest periods of the year. Additionally, it will
negatively affect the station’s guests who are liable to opt for other

Mont Tremblant Resort seeks to reach a negotiated settlement satisfactory to both parties, a settlement that will ensure the long-term viability of the company, the maintenance of the many worthwhile jobs that have been created over the past fourteen years, and the development of the region.

The principal activity at Mont Tremblant Resort is running the lifts. Forty-two per cent of its personnel work in the ski operation field, while only 17% are attached to the hotel sector. Intrawest, Tremblant’s parent company, has calculated that if the union’s demands are accepted, operating costs will rise by 47% per year.

In order to limit the impact of this work stoppage on our customers, Mont
Tremblant Resort management staff will continue to work to provide clientele
with the best possible service under the circumstances, and are continuing to work to achieve a settlement before Christmas.